The Tamworth Unicorns Swimming Club for Disabled Persons are fortunate in having a team of qualified dedicated teachers and instructors  who work under the guidance of the Chief Coach, Derek Northcote, who is qualified by the Amateur Swimming Association (A.S.A.),the Swimming Teachers Association (S.T.A.)  and The National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped (N.A.S.C.H).  Everyone connected with the swimming club give up their time voluntarily to help disabled persons to learn to swim and to swim competitively at Galas if that is their aim.


Some of our teachers are qualified to teach both able bodied and disabled persons and have also attended Hallawick courses.  We have an on-going programme of courses being undertaken by various teachers. 

Our teachers all wear white t-shirts which have their name printed on them for easy recognition.


Our instructors are club members who are parents, carers, and friends who work under the supervision of a qualified teacher in the water on a 1 to 1 basis.

Our instructors also wear white t-shirts with their name on the back, again for easy recognition.

Poolside Helpers - in the water:

Our poolside helpers are club senior swimmers who work in the water under the instruction of a qualified teacher on a 1 to 1 basis to help with the non-swimmers.

They wear red t-shirts.

Poolside Helpers:

These are club members who are parents, carers and friends who observe the pool from the sides to ensure a safe environment.  They also ensure that when a swimmer is doing back stroke, the swimmer is aware of the pool wall for turning and stopping.

They wear blue club t-shirts.