Manual Support and Manipulation of Swimmers.

During the teaching of swimming it may be necessary for the swimmer to be shown.

  • The correct swimming posture including the body position relative to the water.

  • The correct action or "track" their limbs should take.

The communication of this "correct action" may be communicated to the swimmer in different ways, these may include but are not limited to:

  • The teacher demonstrating the correct actions and postures from the poolside remotely.

  • The teacher utilising an assistant in the water to demonstrate appropriate techniques.

  • The teacher or assistant assisting the swimmer using manual communication, manual support or manual manipulation.

To protect the welfare of the swimmer and the teacher the committee have adopted guidelines published by the Amateur Swimming Association.

Where possible the consent of the swimmer or the parent / guardian will have been obtained and recorded on the swimmer records to enable such assistance to be given.