General Club Session Organisation


The Tamworth Unicorns Swimming Club committee have identified the following issues with
respect to:

Families, Parents and Guardians:

· The club understands that some swimmers will be supported by parents, guardians, family members or other personal support staff to attend swim sessions. While the swimmer is in the pool their respective carers are welcome to wait in a classroom off the foyer area.  The
exact waiting room will be allocated by committee members manning the foyer
throughout the swim session.

· Owing to limited space in the pool area watching swim sessions is not normally possible. However some exceptions do apply, please refer to the access to poolside policy.

The Changing Room:

· The belongings of swimmers are left in the changing areas at their own risk.

· The responsibility of assisting swimmers to change prior to or after a swim session lies solely with the appropriate parent/guardian. However, at the discretion of the club committee assistance of club staff may be agreed. This assistance must be requested in writing through the club secretary.  Prior to any assistance being agreed a risk assessment will be completed by the Welfare Officer.

· Where possible club support staff will monitor the changing areas. However this monitoring cannot be guaranteed and is only offered when support staff are available.

· Swimmers will only be allowed to access the changing rooms approximately 20 minutes prior to their allocated swim time. The club committee may allow a swimmer into the changing room earlier if their personal needs require longer time to change.