First Aid Provision

·        In the event of a swimmer requiring first aid on the poolside, during a social activity, or in transit to or from a swimming gala. Members of the club committee who have suitable first aid training may render first aid in the first instance.

·        However it is recognised that during general swim sessions, and while on poolside at galas, the provision of first aid is the remit of the swimming pool life guards. And in some cases other trained officials from organisations like the Red Cross or St John’s Ambulance.

·        In all cases where our club staff are rendering first aid they will immediately relinquish responsibility of the incident to pool staff or other better trained services as soon as they arrive.

·        If a swimmer requires first aid a member of the club committee must accompany the swimmer to the first aid point, and remain with the swimmer throughout their treatment. This committee member must also complete the clubs accident / incident book located within the first aid box.

·        Once the Accident / Incident book has been completed the club copy must be detached from the book and forwarded to the club Welfare Officer, for storage in line with the Data Protection Act.

·        A First Aid box has been purchased by the club and is kept on poolside.