Criminal Record Bureau Checks.

  • The club shall elect a Welfare Officer, to oversee and collate all matters
    related to the welfare of children and vulnerable adults within the club.
    This individual shall be a club committee member. The current post holder
    of this position can be obtained from the committee page of the website.
  • The Welfare Officer shall also undertake Enhanced Criminal Record Bureau
    checks on individuals helping at the club. The paper copy of the CRB form
    will be retained by the Welfare Officer for a period of no longer than six
    months. Thereafter only the CRB and Reference Number will be retained and
    all paper copies will be shredded.
  • Any individual refusing to complete a CRB check will be asked to leave the
    club with immediate effect and further participation and association with
    the club denied.
  • The Welfare Officer will maintain confidentiality with respect to any
    disclosures received from the C
    riminal Records Bureau. Unless in the
    Welfare Officer's opinion any such disclosures may have safety or welfare
    implications for the club. In these circumstances the Welfare Officer will
    discuss their concerns with the club committee and a resolution agreed.
  •  The club committee reserves the right to refuse any individuals participation
      within the club.
  • The club committee has determined that a CRB check carried out on an individual
    will only be done once. Thereafter it is the responsibility of the individual to inform the

    club committee of any subsequent criminal convictions.  However the club committee
    reserves the right to carry out subsequent CRB checks at its discretion.