The club caters for people with various disabilities both physical and mental.  The club is totally run by a team of qualified volunteers whose aim is to help people with disabilites learn to swim and enjoy this activity. 

The club caters for non-swimmmers aged 3 to senior citizens and we endeavour to provide a relaxed one-to-one teaching and learning opportunity under the tutorledge of qualified instructors.  Our club has access to a wide range of specialist teaching aids to enable individuals freedom and safety in the water. These aids include the use of a hoist and steps to access the pool. Swimming progression is dictated by the pace of the swimmer. Dependent upon the severity of the disability we endeavour to get the individual water confident, water safe and where swimming is not an option utilization of the pool as a relaxation and distraction therapy is also offered. 

Improver swimmers benefit from qualified instructors in a group based environment, typically 4 to 1 (subject to the needs of an individual). Again specialist aids and equipment are used where required to enable the improver freedom of movement and independence.  Skill development is undertaken which include a recognised badge scheme.  Development of floatation, rotation, entry, exit and movement and the development of additional strokes.

Competent/Competitive Swimmers:  The club offers lane coaching to the competent water safe swimmer, again under the instruction of qualified instructors, the emphasis being on stroke development and skill acquisition.For those that wish to progress from a social swim the club offers competitive support and currently attend 3/4 Galas per year with our swimming squad.

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